Meet Bill Eger

Bill Eger was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, July 6, 1935. For reasons that might come up during his blog entries, he considers himself a cowboy. For now, the main reason is that cowboys can be taken at their word. People who pretend to be cowboys have no obligation on that score and should not be trusted.

Bill comes by his cowboy spirit honestly because his father was born in Blackwell, Texas, and was an old-fashioned cowboy. He was the son, nephew and cousin of more cowboys — and cowgirls! — than anyone could count. When he said something, it was what he believed to be the truth. That didn’t change until something happened to convince him that he had been wrong and, after that, you might hear him say that he once believed something to be true but now was a.) in doubt about it or 2.) convinced that he had been wrong. Cowboys are like that. Every day of their lives.

In today’s world there remain a lot of cowboys even if they never see a cow or ride a horse. But they do, as a matter of faith, realize that nobody knows everything, a lot of people know nothing and the wisest men understand that in our world it is best to say of their own perfection that they don’t know anything.

At least not for certain.

Bill Eger has been a writer all his life. He has written for newspaper, wire services, television and radio stations, advertising agencies and a book or two that never were published. This blog is being written in the belief that, at his advanced age, he may be able to help people understand some of the complexities of politics, government, and why religion and spirituality are not always the same thing. He is equally interested in learning from you and other readers.

Questions are welcome. Corrections are equally valuable if you spot anything in this blog that doesn’t agree with what you have learned in your life. That’s notmerely what you think. It is what you have learned and hold for now as a certainty, the kind of material you want your children to know before you die.

Join in and make friends as this blog grows. Comment on this blog and if you want to communicate directly with Bill try and then expect an answer. Keep in mind that he is in Hawai`i so there may be a slight delay because electrons move slowly out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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