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Hello world!

Aloha from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Because the subject is as big as all life, there will be a fair amount of attention paid to politics. That’s domestic as well as international and it has been the major preoccupation of my life.

Don’t let that stop you because politics includes much of the genuine fun and enjoyment of life, as it should.

This is my first posting here but won’t be the last. I’m thinking about it, what I want to share. At 74 years of age, there are many suggestions in mind to help our new President as he seeks to improve our world. If you have ideas along that line, please share them here. If you do not like President Obama, it’s okay to mention that and tell us briefly, in polite language, why.

I’ll try to visit here at least five times a week. If you comment, that will be welcome and reported to me. And I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Mahalo — the word we use in Hawai`i for gratitude — and please do take part.

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